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Three Ring Circus
Private story line with girl_ofsecrets.

It was kind of like falling into an old routine for him, dressing up and playing Golden Boy for the crowds that came to see him and his family. Sure, they all said it was for charity, to fight Multiple Sclerosis or whatever the cover was this time. Peter probably sounded like a man with a raging bitterness for charity work, but the heat was aimed more at his family. His mother, specifically. He loved her dearly, of course, but he no longer knew why she kept herself, her family in the limelight. After his father's death, he had been prepared for the Petrelli name to fade out, for the novelty of their name to finally lose steam. But it was as if Arthur's death had increased it tenfold, and now everyone was itching to peer into the glass box of his family's private life more than ever.

How frustrating.

So he stood near the edge of the room of the rented out banquet hall, champagne in hand, hair slicked back (God forbid his mother caught sight of those unruly bangs), suit tailored to fit him to the tee. He watched the crowd, the small throngs of people in their idle chatter, lightly amused. They all knew their parts quite well... not that he wasn't well aware he was committing a downright sin by lurking in the shadows.

Hors d'oeuvres made their rounds around the room, and he spared a glance at his gold wristwatch. His mother, surprisingly had opted for a buffet, and he knew the food was going to be brought out soon, as the appetizers were dwindling down. It would be quite the procession to watch, as this was a top-notch event and the caterers would not be able to disturb the flow of the party. So out they would come in a single line, buffet tray in hand, the other tucked behind them, and make their way around the buffet line to set their trays on the waiting flame before disappearing back into the kitchen. All in all, in should take less than a minute.

Peter wanted to get a good spot to watch (hey, it wasn't every day he got to see that kind of precision, EMTs flew by the seat of their pants), so he started working up towards the buffet line. Not surprisingly, no one else had an idea of what was to come, so he had no trouble getting close. Sticking one hand in his pocket, he took a sip of the champagne and smiled to himself as the first waiter appeared through the doors.

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She was almost relieved and yet strangely disappointed when he let go of her hand.

Then she caught the surprise on his features when he heard that she was in pre-med and then she had to chuckle softly. "Not many people can and I'm not sure I'll make it all the way." She admitted with a little smile. She knew that it was going to be a lot of work but honestly, she was looking more at going into research but she also did want to help people.

As he latched back onto the catering and her burning her hand, she sighed. "You're not going to let this go, are you?" She kept her voice soft, losing a touch of the humor as she studied him seriously.

"Good luck," he told her sincerely. If she could make it through the grueling training, the payoff was well worth it. Not only financially, but he imagined it was a very fulfilling job. A career that meant something. He gave her a soft smile.

Lifting his hands in surrender at her question, he shook his head. "I was just asking," he fibbed, his co-worker catching his shoulder as he walked past.

"Stop flirting, Pete--we got another call."

Peter gave the man an annoyed look as the other grinned back him, before giving the girl an apologetic look and walking off. "I'll see you later--" he tripped on her name. "What's your name?" he called back to her as he moved towards the door.

Claire knew that he was being sincere and so she smiled softly at him, nodding her head a bit. "Thank you." She knew that it wasn't going to be easy to do what she was taking but she wanted the knowledge behind it.

"Ah." She murmured, glancing at his co-worker before looking back at him as she knew that he was fibbing. Then his co-worker made a comment about flirting and she felt a bit of heat crawl into her cheeks.

She started to look down till he asked her name and she glanced up before a soft smile crossed her mouth. "Claire." She nodded her head. "Claire Bennet." She wasn't sure why she gave him her full name but it was out of her mouth before she knew it.

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